5 quick tips to stay motivated to your Weight loss goals and Healthy dieting

If you go to Google search and type healthy diet and weight loss, Google will throw over 5crore search results. Just imagine the mountain and mountain of tips and tricks to cut fat, stay fit an even reverse your age. Never before, there’s been such an outburst of information on How to lose weight and stay healthy. Well that’s great. It means people are aware and doing their research to find a solution that works for them. And most of the information is available free. However, if only availability of these tips and tricks where enough, everyone would be fit. But you know that’s not the case. Even with so much of information and free resources, people struggle with heavy weight and diseases that come with it. So what makes a difference between people who collect these weight loss tips and people who actually lose weight? Well six words sum up everything. ACTION. Consistent Right Action. So how to stay motivated to consistent action. Well, here’s below the some quick tips to stay motivated Find a partner – You will enjoy more and stick to your plan when you have a partner. You can push, tease and compete with each other. Let’s add some fun in the process. The mutual support will encourage you and your partner to take consistent action Set goals – Your mind is goal seeking machine. Set realistic short goals as simple as loosing 3kg before your birthday next month. Start small and stick to it and achieve it. Once you will see the results you will be motivated to take big goals. This setting goals and sticking to it will make all the positive difference in your weight loss journey Start Slow and stay steady – You cannot turn yourself into shape overnight. Losing quick can take can have negative impact on your mind and body. Let the body adjust itself to these changes otherwise you may feel sick, tired, sluggish and fatigued. Make short goals as loosing 1 or 2 pounds and a week and stay steady to your goals Let your body have good rest – A good sleep at night prepares your body for the next day battle. If you are tired and sluggish sticking to your plans if tough. Plus sleep deprivation affects your eating pattern, it also stimulates your appetite making you more hungry and even unsatisfied with the same the quantity of food you eat each day

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