7 Techniques to Supercharge Your Writing with Creative Juices

If creativity would had been made-to-order, there would have been creativity manufacturing plants all over. Fortunately, Creativity like a contagious passion is expressed, not produced. So does with Creative Writing. Which is why original and artistic expression of emotions and logic, in words, on paper, is an exceptional skill. However creative genius, over the years of crafting astonishing piece of work, laid out fundamental principles, which if followed, turns your expression of words on paper, further creative Here’s below some of the techniques of turning a lame piece of writing into a creative craft. Thoughtless Writing - Let the flow of words from your subconscious mind to paper be full and rich. Don’t let your left brain’s logical editor break your thought process before you complete your writing. Write first, edit later. Beyond compartments – Wear different thinking hats. You will agree that ideas are just new combinations. Cultivate this habit of using new combination of words. Collect good short words and put them in different relevant combination. Be Unpredictable – If your readers predicts what you are going to say next, you have lost him. You need to surprise your reader with little know facts, startling information, not-so easily available research so whatsoever. Plow your copy with Word Pictures – A picture speak thousand words. True. But an image created in the mind of the reader, through words, is more powerful because now your reader uses his own imagination and fills his own colors. A Word picture stimulates multiple senses of your reader and hooks him well. Use simpler words - Well there’s a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology. It says – People deliberately increase complexity of vocabulary to give the impression of intelligence. So avoid using complex and three and four syllable words. Your words should resonate with your reader. Cut clichés – clichés are like white shirts turned yellow after several years of wearing and washing. They’ve lost freshness. You need to tweak it and make it fresh and startling. Peel off the boring stories and reveal the pulp. Switch Gears – Stop driving your reader at same speed. Take breaks and pause wherever possible. Introduce interesting facts. Stimulate your readers mind with compelling, interesting ideas that resonated with his thoughts. Once your information gets repetitive, surprise your reader. When she knows now you will ask for a sale... instead tell her there’s more, introduce new benefits.

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