How to Turn Your Banner Ads into Powerful Persuasive Magnets

Over the years, advertisement has gained the reputation of science rather than just an art. And if we say science, there are proven principles which almost always work. Probably the reason why successful ad writers, people who produce great money building results, keep themselves grounded with these scientific advertising principles. You see the technologies are evolving. The medium where we advertise is evolving. Just a few years ago, it was newspaper, magazines, radio, television, but now there’s Facebook, Email marketing, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. The web has flattened the field of advertising- which is why even new companies stand close to large established competitor organizations. But, if you closely notice, whatsoever be the medium to display your advertisements, the basic fundamental principles behind good advertising remains the same. And if you craft your Banner Ads with the same prove principles, you can instantly see great conversions. Once such principle is AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire and Action This may sound simple and ordinary but if you lay your hands on these four elements, your will almost always skyrocket your advertisement results. So lets’ get dive in Attention – Your prospect is bombarded with hundreds of advertisements every day. Everyone is trying to get his attention. You have to do your job well or otherwise you’ll lose him in a matter of seconds. Well, most advertisement blows their own horns to get the attention. But if you do your home work, you can identify what is that your customer wants and not what you want to sell. Catch your prospect’s attention by showing a powerful benefit. That will resonate with his deep desires and you will get benefited. Interest – Pick up your reader from where he is thinking. Do not start taking about your product or service. What it does for your customer. What problem can be face by your customer? Identify the core problem that can be solving from your product. Tell him you have a solution to his problem and its fast simple, easy, fast and value for money. Desire- Think about how you can make his life better, simpler easier? Can you make him rich, healthy, productive, smart, intelligent, etc. What is that your prospect secretly desires. Build your promo around those desires. Titillate his emotions – pride, fear, greed, benevolence etc. Action – Compel you reader to take the action, now. Given him solid reason why he must click on this link. For example he may lose his deal because the demand is high. If he doesn’t take the action today, he might not see such a lucrative offer again. Tell him clearly what he needs to do. The most costly mistake is to assume that the reader will take an action on his own. You have to guide him and that too convincingly. Now out to your advantage these four powerful pillars in your banner ads and enjoy solid results.

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