Why a Web Programmer should think like a Sales Professional

Web programming is usually referred to the coding, markup and writing involved in Web development. Now in practice the web developers have three basic roles to accomplish Web designing and Graphics Web Architecture And Mobile usability Wells, all three categories are big enough that numerous of books have been written on each. Let’s take Web Architecture and get straight into the business Web architecture is designing the entire layout and structure of the website. Now one of the most common mistakes a web programmer do is designing the website for the owner and not- the consumer. This requires a total shift in the thinking pattern of a technical web designer. Moving from just a technical program writer to consumer centric web architect involves some grounds work on the consumption behavior of the consumer on the web. Though every website has its own purpose, but let us focus on most common purpose of any website – Commercialization So you are selling a product or service or information The primary focus of your web architecture is to attract the visitor, hook him, direct him and persuade him to certain action. If you observe your consumer, his behavioral pattern of engaging at different media is different. For example if you take – Television - The consumer is relaxed. He is not interacting. It’s an absolutely passive activity. Similarly with radio. And if you take Newspapers and magazines the consumer is a bit more active and alert Now look at his behavior on the internet. He is highly alert, active, he knows what he wants and he decides the course of his action. And if you do not give him right away what he wants, he quickly moves on to your competitor. Because when it comes to web your prospect is highly task oriented Which is why your web architecture should always be designed keeping in mind that it is targeted to an alert, task oriented audience It’s your job to help him with his task And in a way, that hooks him, keep him engaged and direct him to a certain specific action. This is why every page on web should have an objective of what you want your consumer to do after he has read it or seen a particular page. One of the easy ways is to draw the flow of all the course-of-action you want your consumer to take. And then deign your content and navigation strategy to pull your consumer into that specific action mode. Make it simple, easy, and quick for him to accomplish his task. Do remember if you confusion him and you have lost him to your competitor. This is why the web programmer should think like sales professional. And study in deep about the about the buying behavior of the customer on web.

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